Peter is a writer, illustrator, songwriter, broadcaster and teacher, born in New York City, now living in London. His weekly cartoon strip, Leviathan ran in the Independent on Sunday from 1991-’98 and The Book of Leviathan is published by Sort of Books. He won a Sony award in 2003 as writer and performer of ‘Eartoons for the Verb’ on Radio 3, and was Awarded the Ordre de la Grande Gidouille by the Collège de Pataphysique, Paris, in 2000. He has been writing and recording music since the mid 70s with Slapp Happy, Faust, Henry Cow, The Golden Palominos, John Zorn, Andy Partridge and others.
Honorary Teaching Fellow on the creative writing course at the University of Warwick, he has lectured on such subjects as Milk, Numinous Objects and the Impossible Book on both sides of the Atlantic. He co-hosts the Amateur Enterprises with Simon Lucas.

by Peter Blegvad: