Petrarch #5

How to be happy Volume 3
States that sticking it in gives more pleasure going in than coming out but that       staying in = stuck
& when standing in front of the Elgin Marbles & all creeping things go & outside        there is snow
On WH & WB     TS WCW ee & HD
I have PMS in my sestina which is   gnawed & angry from the erosion of civil  liberties  a wanker’s book   incompetent beasts & impossible union
In love with life but not living
Chewing the little pages in order to wad up the gums so they can’t protest love
Resigned in this lifetime to being resigned      intimidated by the English summer              with its
Melopoeia Festival Enema & Chakra Stall Oasis Writing Schools & un-Free Jazz Steam Toasted Cheese Bhaji Dixieland Kleptomaniac White getup & Bunting
When I awoke I discovered that it wasn’t all a dream
Succhi me catzo     Dante
The face that I am sitting on is my own
But you can’t
Translate that


Petroc Trelawny

'll often talk an awful lot about Tahini
wants to mate with as many females as he can
judges a male’s worthiness by the SOUNDS he makes.

Rock-like clouds appear
to gather in the grasslands of Wyoming.
No wind & not much rain.

This is the moment he has been working towards:
he has decorated his parlour with deer dung and charcoal
but hasn’t counted on all this sprouting fungus.

He cannot merge love with life and arranging
all the reptiles and go out the snow red flowers and beetle elytra.

Dropped off.
Astonishing fall of the glass.


Petrarch #310 (for Koto)

Go home bees   all the morning birds are singing
Go home bees   ejaculation defeats fascism
Go home bees    love is everything  no  love is nothing
Go home bees   do not abandon the letterpress
Go home bees   and escape your emotions
Go home bees   pink may  double may  dead laburnum
Go home bees   if this world is a mangle
Go home bees   what I achieved was not what I attempted
Go home bees   heartbroken & furious
Go home bees   because marriage means fucked forever
Go home bees   your hard drives are on fire
Go home bees   & say yes to everything
Go home bees   work hard on your bee nation
Go home bees   & assemble your little rockets (the days of human rule are fading)


Sweet, fruity, floral and grassy (for Finn)

I am edging closer to the explicit use of euphemism
foraging in Crepis and Hebe flowers respectively
dominated by False Oatgrass and a distinct waist.
Even then the mothers pretend to be surprised
as the waters cover the sea parsnip soup belches
brightly coloured felt fishes part and parcel
of Thanks be to God try growing Candytuft
or Poached Egg plant sharp eyes like Coleridge
which is odd or even recognised as not to be too tidy
leaf litter used as a flagship but I’ve also been told
you don’t get them in Worcestershire so what
could it be? We don’t know. The toast is crisp. My son
is spreading, whistles a blend of honeys from around the world


Petrarch 2.9 (for Koto & Yuki)

I open The Norton Anthology Of Poetry and there I am
Why did nobody tell me   the poems of A.O.Barnabooth
When The Sun Tries To Go On   bee-axed neighbours’ eagles
On China’s paper   shyness & a wafery head   drag sheep away
Into maritime cupboards   I think not of for whom the bell tolls
Gonads have that clear pencil   & the dancing accordionist
& the Pleadies   hole tan-surface  pear clock  wipes
I think not of those who think nothing of the avant-garde
Tendency in   the decency of lemons   sigh   rates gold   my hat!
On Dover Beach   A German Pea Hospital   Lefty & Hysterical   on prickly heat
Where Paint   was everybody’s top   shirt-ads   sleep resisting billboards
Plagiarism of sunny stars   evenings places  a  it is A
Or bee (insect)   or sea (letter)   red-yellow   watermark  on China’s paper
When everyday    Lobsters at the cat funeral    close the gay book



Fur coats in Tahiti

      Written through Yoko Ono’s ‘Snow Piece (Tape Piece III)’


Take a tape of the sound of the Tupperware spectacled neatly; intelligent,
freely spoken but a little shy in chestnut-coloured corduroy snow falling
started out as idle play but ends with greater respect for royalty
We’re in Bob’s room This should be done in a matter of weeks? Yikes the church
in hammocks between the trees chewed face burst water pipes
just one will do to get rid of it the evening ice cream tub
full of urine mer-si-fool-i given to using mercury in the Quaker lavatory
to listen Do not listen to shoe box sunlight token gesture the Roseate Spoonbill
We’re in Bob’s room in the margins maritime enamel the tape sewn into
Delibes parachutes Edinburgh zoo and one way or another so have I
with Russ Conway, Mrs Mills a few rarities monogamous and noisy
as Leicester cheese. Cut it and use it as string as they inflate their throat sacs
within range of the East Thames corridor to tie gifts with Pink Onions
Dry skinned reptiles have more options