Who Invited the Sphinx?

The answer’s a generic
noun. The question
will be ‘Who?’


Sound. Then where to sound
the area  armed with
only an egg tooth? Inside, that is.

Who is here? Who is away?


‘Who’s a hot mess.

An actual electron
emits and swallows
its own photons.
now and then.


I point uniformly toward
the originators there.
An argument for earth
which is not earth at all.


I slip and fall
into what
I’m made of.

Why did I
come downstairs?


Are you  light
as from a comet?
An axis?
A type of time?

A sort of seed
shoots itself in two
likewise unfolding

How can it be different?


Is this one time’s type?

Chronos coughed.
is one response.

I’m alone
until I pose

my question.

Why is this constant
always squared?