Improvisation (Zanzotto/tree)

Tree adjoins a
like stammer of extinction
shelters any infamous 
reduction to indifference
what it can adjoining
May we not abuse
tree-similarity, branches
pledge steeply under
forest-chased transaction
sticks of ground
cared not to be 
clawed at, even where
exploring the grits
of a false floor near-
est co-trust for treeful
reversive slants


This is local stare
at heuristic guidance
or entity-cities of trees
what is with branch
codes us to a window
leaf scanning tree
to be one group less
but heaping uncertainty’s
incentive shelter
Trees answering track
as in empirical anti-
compactness, pruned
how sore patches collide
into cluster
no tree retro-sparsity
without such this pre-
assignment, the least
simple move within
a shift’s contingency
Objective terrain averts
the correctives of green
invents its own leafed
electives can be screened
across spoils of park



“Rural Beauty”

luxuries of free air, space, abundant vegetation
extensive intercourse between the classes
equalize the circulation and relieve the brain
under the light of heaven

neither in beauty of green sward, nor in great
umbrageous trees do these special conditions
of topography, soil, and climate give hope

for clusters of level-armed sheltering trees casting broad
shadows, forming groups in the shade, moving in
and out among the woody points and bays

the great advance northward in the building of the city
will be disinfected by sunlight and foliage
laying open the productive capacity of the country

openness is the one thing you cannot get
in buildings: the beauty of fields, meadows,
prairie, of green pastures, and still waters

coniferous trees set closely and trimmed
following heated flags bear the reflected
as well as direct rays of the sun

let the pictures be branched or reticulated
with the mechanical action of foliage
a pleasing rural prospect

air screened and purified by trees
offers the greatest possible contrast
to form a lofty hedge or thicket

as a strong drift townward
interrupts the cross-town communication
with crowding, hustling & turbulence

with a simple, broad open space
sufficient play of surface, variety
of light and shade

and depth of wood about it



Naturalities of emparkment 

We had never been urban, except where we re-empark ourselves and green out the irony in excess delimits of space
Nature must be implored to post-exist along a corridor dividing (counter-coinciding) the urban with the urban, park slightened to a chaos of the pleasant
What is spatial thrift where everything is repeating its zone?
A standing store of metaphoric soil, park takes the lateral interference to undelivered root, a traffic of urban spares for the natal
To monopark in a place of injured diversity, around it the city still pauses variously at summary self-revisions of attention
Enticing scenic annunciation but not to advise a city's unscenic remorse
Settling within a temporarily sustainable skin of the cost, frontage filled out by the masts of appeased host
Strings of reimportation, newly parochial with implant, fed coded shade by its own avenue of grant
Opting for strong tree within a suspension of any wrong place, for its surge onto least remainder
Every field narrows to a street, every street is flushed out by park
Shortstorm of contrivable tree ringed explicitly by dependencies, verging sour at home in a natural hole having forfeited its hollowness
Against the city stop-signs, landscape spoiling for arrest from within own transitional statics: set urban growth to begin the horizon



Lime tree

the deep dell was planted 
with an iffy garden 
the drive had become the parking 
lot arranged for a motor hill
held above the twilight's last 
gleaming facades of raised 
mirror dust to archive a tiered 
rude combustion process
light gnomes canned for August 
unpersuaded of their dell 
carved primordial gashes 
into the wintry hills
whose dust of blue receives the moth 
nor would bright cargo be right
in a residential place the test 
be won by sinking bluebells 
into a carpet of landed gentry 
or rude combustion our loss
fifty-two winding paths archived 
by season, in a spoiled miracle 
could not find them for a walk 
terrible hoots and blasts of grottos
scared the living daylights 
you know the park was built by a man 
awake breathing the tendrils
after blue risers of fungus dew 
we were clinging to the bus stop 
just like drinking absinthe, neat 
and to spoil our climb the imperials drew
closer, beneath us, in heat


Toils of the park

How parklands weave
outswell from street system
a bulb in pieces in grid
Layout as forespread
fabric of seclusion-imports
the larger chain preserved
within short instance
of its central parts
Relief atmosphere in trees
moderate scene giving
midst to urban propensity
abounding pressure equalization
prescience resourcelessness
We have it along the bowered
forkways to lessen greenly
this massing of retrievals
Reserves to parkward its
town with no want of width
of woods, deeps of summer
occlusion, positions for
simples of post publicly
confined once
weakly disprisoned
An error of the commons towards
completing the park, reticulate
access to unshareables, con-
cert solitude in net foliage
Readily ground is late in taking
park but for sole abstaining
guidance in tree, rural drive
competes for the inter-
space, slot borders away
from any freak transition
Magnitude and variety of field
sylvan scenes slighted but press-
ing out urbans, trees in stint
streets tell of, those entering
wedges secure a limp city
by its bettered element
How park builds to exposure
by insurrection of expanse
original restricted form
suckered by trees, diagonal
stoop to turfing it raw
Pines happily massed with
hosting distants until scattered
to trees, some do harsh substems
swinging urban mildness
at forest pitch
Deviations along the dis-
tribution neither rockless nor
treeless, a niche of creases
longer that what
the city endures
Frugal avenues apply intrinsics
contusions attend which no
park is called to name or leave
nature fitter than its frame


Errors of the commons

An Inner Ring of Trees
everything I have written 
emerges from the fucking 
pledge of allegiance
they made me recite 
to get an education
Peacefully Meandering
I can feel the rage, a sense 
that the times are catching us 
off guard, in a triad moon 
all the little people repent 
not even trying to run
To Stimulate Exertion
each unruly implement 
hallucinated cockroach, is a knot 
in the waving fiber of the board 
an earthen peanut locked 
in unbearable stardust floss
To Receive Pleasure
if rifted enough over all
the leaves crown to cover 
the modalities shifted in fly 
position, dreamlight darkening 
then quieted our masters
A Sanitary Influence
avatars, aviators 
who had not fled, form me 
who tried cannot re-moth 
removes the breath from mouth 
and we will what rusts
Cures the Urban Insanity
in the relentless absurdity 
of the national carnival 
don't break clean, leave us
need the marmoreal 
heap of broken praises
The Constant Suggestion
till race becomes comic 
I wouldn't know you 
an undefeated bonus 
earned while playing whist 
in a parking lot, onus!
Of Unlimited Range
we could not be more sure
nor clueless liquid vagrant 
tracking all the mind 
is capable of in the fall 
of tuneless leafage vistas
The Unbending Faculties
tonight, chrome lights, vacant 
lists the albatross 
burning's not enough 
feudal vagrant claims set 
we do not earn a peanut
Once Fully Enveloped
crystal peanuts are the mob 
underwritten by the mafia 
I-don't-know-your-name, doff 
a cap of moonlight, perestroika 
personal whimsy to be born


Admit ruderals, commit park to scope

Post-target spoilage, how naturals track
at park loading, crèche is minimal
recess classed for sceneries
If life desires brunt let it traverse
its tamest brim configuration,
nature in global ruse of slight re-
mains given a fair waning-
allowance in park
A landscape of more than can be placed
or even vagabondage combs a listless
innovation at the frenzy-plate of
monoculture's sown rogue occupation
Ruderal intimation unstable enough
for local tools to bracket multiple
relation, does a parkful of codes
abiding vagrant election
What are monotonous plantations the
detriment of? Nothing parks longer
artificials of infinite patience
with natural default among lean
ranks of the picked condition
Trans-ferrying species, biome ridge
hung to glints of insulation, inno-
cent circumference tasked
with the smallest pips of difference
Fleeting reforestable, inquest in a
neat flap where pastoral dash skips
the reduction, less by its sub-
obtainings than usable pocket, shades 
gone before their breadth
Dark the planted woods, bleached to
an unhunting park, exo-embodiment
in vertical swards forgiven the stark
arrival of the preserve of it
Protest trees do aspire enhugement
all apex adjacency, chaos of
initiatives deciding a bargaining
calming of derivatives
Whereby the park refuses self-
hatred of its instrumental finesse
from rural via ruderal - are weeds
this judgment-crack in twisting to us?
Direct seeding lawns a city overfill
against resumed terrain
but won't breed above
acclaimed insurrection in the park
Gregarious suture co-adapts a rare
bract of assistance, kindly to brutal
just situated at tapering for all
that assembled untrembling
Could we choose severed species
to illustrate the proportion?
How can they join us more 
motile resolutions than we
have the motion to accompany?
A garden cropping vagabond leases
upon vacant connections, the amoral
abundance mirrors own steer on
insistence, resting in blind kind
the add-ons in a cluster
fervour of blown array
Tall woody gardens, forests bridgeable
until their repeal, the ratchet is
invasives bestowing the real
thankless diversity deals
until such its vitals are no longer
sharing the shelterable alive
Unscorched dockets print urban-
broad relapse value has already
mounted exquisite retraction
for its one unsquandered sector
Which is involuntary in park, alienation
intones relief of parallels, now offence
is rendered to enter the exception,
at template set up the commonly unheeded