‘Eye am,’ the eye begins, but each of the eye’s attempts to make result in mirror.

Time enters the eye and is reflected: youth is wasted on the wasted is youth.

The eye was raised in a type of comfort: unwavering and unseeable. For instance. The eye assumes all other eyes will receive a formal education, the qualities of which will strengthen the sense of every eye.

The eye opens every year, but not that much.

‘Eye am,’ the eye begins, but the eye cannot be a colour. The eye cannot have a colour.

In time, the eye sees that other eyes might see more brightly. Almost any other eye, the eye sees, can see more beautifully than the eye.

For some time, the eye waters.

The eye cannot kill a colour. The eye cannot birth a colour. The eye cannot bear a colour.

Instead, the eye has, inside, every storm it has ever had. The water is the green of a vengeful moss. The sky is the colour and temperature of an other eye that hunted the eye once.

This eye or that eye. It was a privilege to, a decade later, choose which eye opens, which eye shuts.

‘Eye was,’ the eye begins.


That haunted eye – a spider was it?  teeny tiny – flit and fix – keel eye, keen eye,  kibbled and glazed

Cornered  lid to lid – left lid  right lid   skip-to-mine   hiss-to-mine

O swell eye! Startle eye!  Glazed, engorged – glance nor gander    go (to)  haywire

A length to grow (as in youth)  cat-a-rat   vengeful

Is it murder to kill an insect? Is it a comfort to see clearly?

Slave-eye, buckle-eye  eye-con-cast   Have you no faith?

Bitter  the age of languor – if  I  could only see!

Decades before that, before the eye-glass, the naked eye, inward, close to the page

Needle-eye – devoted, dovetailed  to detail. Folds, tracks, delineates…

Eye, the butterfly


The eye is an animal, shy-thin and growing against the pane seeing went through. The eye is the emotional palindrome, drowning in a little sea. The eye must digest its self.

A thing a beast makes, as if it means, sparks, eye means, the eye’s interest.

Thus every eye seen by an eye is devoted in lieu of light—–has seen, if not been seen, in the dark. The eye thus devolved—–devours—–thus, devout.

O eye engorged, full of fraught! An ethic is an epic rebound echo off a sense of what is animal what is radical what is bio. The eye found love in a cave. The eye giving love was a cave. The eye made love a cave.

Was it? Does an eye place a speck of faith in an eye? Was it?  If that,

shine on, everything else.



I    prepare  to open   mine  mean eye

fraught  and  colourless

thus  dissatisfied    configures

enemies  far back  –  I found   I  floundered

I speak  of youth   striking out

light  –  stricken   a cavity   a cave    shadow

in lieu  of light    a sensor  – I

can hardly make out     fog  firmament  filament

Enchanted  self    seen through   drowns   in a small sea

senses  an animal  through closed eye    flick-lid   flood-speck   spark

a bird   an echo       Shut eye

thunderous  dark  –  do not dismiss!

By the pain of the lamp

eye   shall see


Far back in fables

are prerequisites. Part

of the firmament re-feathers

your part. An eye, turned.

Though seen through, you seem

largo, rooted in sensual loam,

without boundary or moral,

capable of seeing back.

Form is no silhouette for

an excuse, and poorly,

for in the next life, living

will be next. In the tale,

you were, once, not

animal, and then you were.

You were you, then you were

named. You had been self-less,

and then you went blind,

lamp held high, and then

a little low.


Living  will be next    says  I

who has   ne’re  begun

astray / estranged     nor  raised

in comfort    whose both eye

flutters    plundering  the dark

to see by    snowstorm

bewilderment…  back-steps (lento)

a preview (anima)   periphery  –  scope

akin  to  skin

a cure    a venture


each eye’s   attempt

raised    for instance

to receive    opens

not  that much    waters

every  storm     tracks / enters

and  is refracted

– a  privilege

to begin


That an eye
felt, fixed a
gaze cast
decades before
the dove
-tailed detail


Shy-thin    in a little sea

thing    sparks

a speck   of faith

Skin    finds  love

in an eye


I found enemies

in lieu of
a filament self,
a cavity,

animal echo
the lamp.


Fables  part

seen  through

loam    without


In the tale

you were



Be next

Be wild,
…………………..a kin—–
a cure—–