[Whereas what came before]

Whereas what came before
was the enormous

watery expanse,
what follows will fit

in a box. Meantime,
play me something

a little baroque
something Chaplinesque.

I ought to laugh
at the man eating

his shoe. Funny
how Ought keeps

coming back to the door
at noon where I leave

out more alfalfa & water
& a mound of salt.


You Will Want to Seal the Door of Your Cell

A breeze will sometimes gets

from nowhere in     / And some

particles sometimes dust and even in-

sects and you will

Sometimes a fellow prisoner will kick a shank

Under your door

and you will want     to hide from also what-

ever he’s hiding from     / But not with him

And sometimes dust

insects and even rodents rats     / And did you know

rats are the dust of animals     / Like how

dust is the dust of dirt

Insects and e-

ven rodents     rats / Sometimes and you will want

to slow the water down

when the floods come which come

remember prisoner your Ark / Is already

at the bottom of the sea


Press to Talk

Were you trying to reach me
just now? Hello?

I wonder how many times
I’ve said hello. 

In my entire life, I mean.
It’s quantifiable, the way the depth
of water is measured
by sound. An entire life will be
a set of total numbers & sounds.

Do you copy? Over.
I want to know what you were
going to tell me because it might

be what I was about to tell you.
The Titanic is in theaters again.
Meet me in the afterhours.

Sometimes you are as near
as in the next seat in an empty
auditorium, & then sometimes
you are as near to me as a suitcase

sunk on the seafloor.
Are you even on the air &
listening? Over.


You Will Want to Cover the Vent or Vents in Your Cell

Nothing in breathe in nothing in

The start in startle     the French ending

prisoner your breath is / Half of your face

At least half and the guards control
The flow of air     into your cell
The temperature of coming in     / The come you see it almost in control     the warden and the guards

The come in there hidden in there

Like how your body is     hidden in the air     and you can’t see the air
The warden and the guards     / You see their faces

And you waste your anger there     your feeling of

powerlessness     / And they control you with

something invisible
you can’t see what you’re fighting

And you would die without it

This conversation is in progress…please do return for more…