The Smallest Woman in the World

So he travelled more deeply into the jungle

A spider spun a thread to the sky Look: god retreats

The need that nature sometimes feels to
surpass herself

An oiled needle sleeps in its glossy cradle
The god put out the spider’s eyes

—-she lived at the top of a tree
She was pregnant

small bones reached the ground

a sudden need to restore order and to give a
name to what exists

This is what a bluejay does: she goes into the air:
a loud cry: at the point of descending she dies

He immediately began to gather data about

overcome with a desire to see her father

She scratched herself where one never
scratches herself

like a need for salt

‘But that is the sadness of an animal not of
a human’

‘Young master, I am equal to it’

she possesses her drum

On the tiny antler of her dream
where exit exists

In another house a bright child had a bright

to be devoured: priapic craving rising along her spine
like mercury

God knows what he’s about

‘When it touched me, I knew’


The Smallest Woman in the World