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R. Kazman, Ryoo, J., and Cervantes, H., “Approaching Security from an “Architecture First” Perspective”, Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Architecture Technology User Network (SATURN). Kim, Ryoo, J., and Kim, S., “Building Sustainable Software by Preemptive Architectural Design Using Tactic Equipped Patterns”, The 1st International Workshop on Software Assurance.

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Ship scrapping is heavily polluting. Asbestos, heavy metals and oils are toxic. Workers are exposed to hazardous fumes. Drummer Matt Taul (Tantric, Days of the New) is 39. Singer Rachael Price of Lake Street Dive is 32. Guitarist Ryan Ross (Panic at the Disco) is 31.

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Auburn and Spencer also have T shirts with a pink ribbon emblem, a pair of handcuffs and the words “Putting the cuffs on cancer” emblazoned on the back.Spencer and Auburn police will donate the funds they raise to the Adam Bullen Foundation in Oxford, a group that provides emotional and financial support for families of cancer patients. Adam Bullen, an Oxford High School graduate, died at age 30 in 2000 from testicular cancer. His family created the foundation in his memory.Auburn police have sold all of their patches, but the shirts are still available at the police stationIn Spencer, patches and shirts are available at the police station and will be sold at a drug take back event Saturday at CVS.