destruction of property

According to the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP), on an average weekday, Chicagoans travel more than 136 million miles. Through its ON TO 2050 initiative, CMAP is working with experts and stakeholders from the private and public sectors to identify ways to maintain and build upon its transportation system. In the meantime, 23 percent of Chicago’s 1,448,029 worker population commute more than 60 minutes by car to and from work each way..

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“We thought that first year we would give it a shot. There are other head shaves going on. What we really liked is that blue is our colour so we really wanted to make it our goal to have southwestern Ontario go blue all the way through,” Ms. Many bomb threats that are not pranks are made as parts of other crimes, such as extortion, arson, or aircraft hijacking. Actual bombings for malicious destruction of property, terrorism, or murder are often perpetrated without warning. When a large facility is involved, it can be very difficult and time consuming to ensure the absence of any bomb or other hazardous device or substance..

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No, I DON’T want to see the Trump administration use the military to deport undocumented immigrants, but the more the mainstream media is against everything he’s doing and encouraging protests against him, it’s looking more and more that he’s being given
no choice, BUT to use them! It’s called MARTIAL LAW!! The results of Martial Law IS VERY UGLY!! I know, because we came close to having Martial Law implemented in the mid to late 1960’s stemming from the effects of the Watt’s riots and a teachers’ strike! My late mother(God rest her soul) came so close to being a victim, with my younger brother, then an infant, in tow on her way to a health center. A protester hurl a brick, nearly missed hitting her!! Handing over my brother to a passerby, she picked up the brick and with it, entered the health center and told the police stationed there, what nearly happened. Those involved, were immediately arrested!! My mother DIDN’T know it then, but later found out what this was! I was a young child when this happened! Is this what the mainstream media and those against the Trump administration want happening because they’re not getting their way!? Ask yourselves that!!!.

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