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This year, we looking at roughly 42,000 coastal nests.”In Southwest Louisiana alone, there were only 2,000 alligator nests in 2006 compared to 16,000 in 2007. Elsey says, “We had a real nice rebound and real good nesting this year. We pleased to see the recovery after the hurricane and the drought.”Alligator farmers and biologists with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries will oftentimes collect eggs from the wild to avoid natural mortality like flooding or predation but, once hatched, 14 percent of the eggs must be released back to the wetlands within two years.

small led display Swinging the Sapphire Pure Black X58 motherboard around once more, we can catch a view of the onboard buttons that were used quite frequently during our testing (well at least the power button was). Sapphire has placed three buttons on the Sapphire Pure Black X58 motherboard, power, reset, and a clear CMOS. Just past the clear CMOS button is a 3pin system fan header, followed closely by an onboard speaker and a DeBug LED display. small led display

4k led display Bryn Mawr >> Ardmore artist Linnie Greenberg and friends hosted Harcum trustees and senior administrators for a festive closing of their eclectic gallery show on display at the Kevin D. Marlo Little Theatre. The exclusive reception organized by the President’s Office took place Oct. 4k led display

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Mini Led Display Although you could do this project perfectly well on a “real” Arduino, and indeed it was prototyped with a “nano” on a breadboard, I’m making the dedicated installation on a minimal Ardu’ compatible so that you don’t need to commit your “real” Ardu’ to the clock. I have made this project both on bits of perf board and on a dedicated PCB that I have designed had fab’d. We’ll look at both ways to do it the result is much the same but the PCB is much less time consuming.. Mini Led Display

led display The minister took the matters in hand when he was made aware of pictures of the 3 suspects posing with dead pelicans and white storks in the outskirt of the Bental protected area. Since the Ministry of Environment did not officially open the hunting season and in accordance with the law in force hunting is still prohibited in the country. Furthermore, the species hunted are protected under Lebanese laws and it is forbidden to display dead preys on cars and on public roads. led display

hd led display New “smart tag” technology in development at UC Berkeley is poised to reimagine the static UPC bar code as a dynamic tool of 21st century commerce. Researchers led by UC Berkeley electrical engineering professor Vivek Subramanian have been working to create cheap and efficient electronic circuits that can be printed directly on materials like cloth or cardboard. Food products labeled in this manner could communicate their expiration date, facilitate automated purchasing, or alert supermarket personnel when their shelves need restocking.. hd led display

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