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EXTRA POINTS: Chicago was still buzzing Monday about WR Brandon Marshall post game diatribe with reporters, which actually was pretty tame. He termed the Bears loss to Miami, as well as the poor outputs this season by their talented offence, as “unacceptable.” Coach Marc Trestman scotched talk that there a rift now between Marshall and his good buddy Jay Cutler Giants head coach Tom Coughlin said of his 3 4 team problems heading into the bye week: “A lot of it is physical. Our defence has been punched in the mouth with the run game, which is not pretty to see.” Asked to comment on elements of officiating in Sunday loss at Detroit, New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton on Monday said: “Man, I don even want to start.

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“The Eat Together movement celebrates the role food plays and the power it has in bringing people together at a time when the world seems increasingly disconnected,” says Uwe Stueckmann, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Loblaw Companies Limited. “From fostering communities to fighting obesity to bringing people closer, the simple act of eating together has countless benefits. Today, we invite everyone to join us in experiencing the joy that comes with friends, families and communities eating together.”.

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SCRANTON A celebration of people who survived cancer and loved ones who helped them through it gathered in Scranton on Saturday. The Event at McDade Park marked Annual Cancer Survivor’s Day. It included activities for survivors, caregivers, family, and friends or anyone affected by cancer.

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Really driving the demand to get a G League team, Turner said. You don have a team, there a growing sense that you at a competitive disadvantage. Also addressed the impact of teams signing two way players. ‘They gave us the best childhood. It never crossed my mind to think, “Man, we’ve got 12 people living in a four bed house”. We had so much fun: playing games, hiding things on the roof.

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